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Monday, August 07, 2006
  US States Embrace "Shoot First, Who Cares About Questions?"
The NYT is reporting that a spate of new laws in 15 American states make it easier for people to shoot someone "in self defense".

The new laws relax the 'duty to flee' contained in many previous self defense statutes. This means you don't have to 'retreat to the wall' before being authorized to use deady force. So now, you can shoot anyone that makes you feel 'threatened'.

Not surprisingly, the National Rifle Association is over the moon. Said a spokesperson:

If they make a decision to save their lives in the split second they are being attacked, the law is on their side...Good people make good decisions. That’s why they’re good people. If you’re going to empower someone, empower the crime victim.

And here's an account of 'good people' making 'good decisions':

Jason M. Rosenbloom, the man shot by his neighbor in Clearwater, said his case illustrated the flaws in the Florida law. “Had it been a year and a half ago, he could have been arrested for attempted murder,” Mr. Rosenbloom said of his neighbor, Kenneth Allen.

“I was in T-shirt and shorts,” Mr. Rosenbloom said, recalling the day he knocked on Mr. Allen’s door. Mr. Allen, a retired Virginia police officer, had lodged a complaint with the local authorities, taking Mr. Rosenbloom to task for putting out eight bags of garbage, though local ordinances allow only six.

“I was no threat,” Mr. Rosenbloom said. “I had no weapon.”

The men exchanged heated words. “He closed the door and then opened the door,” Mr. Rosenbloom said of Mr. Allen. “He had a gun. I turned around to put my hands up. He didn’t even say a word, and he fired once into my stomach. I bent over, and he shot me in the chest.”

And now this kind of psychotic behaviour is legal! God bless America.
A site I found that deals with this topic: 15 States Grant Right to Kill in Self Defense; Killing "Just For Fun" Planned for 2007
Should make everyone considerably more polite.
i imagine that the cop who shot the unarmed neighbor would have done it regardless of any laws.

i encourage the guy who was shot to get a gun and shoot his neighbor back. he would actually have a good excuse.

"this guy shot me last month, so i had to shoot him, because i was afraid he might do it again!"
I am linking to your blog my friend. Don't be a stranger. Send me your iChat details and lets link up even more.
"Good people make good decisions. That’s why they’re good people.,"

That has got to be one of the stupidest statements I've read in a long time.
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