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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Cast of THE STOPOVER. Attitude, Timmins-style. Posted by Hello
Toronto's most DIY theatre company returns this week with its sophomore show, THE STOPOVER. Its about 12 bags of weed, two hosers, one unconscious cop and the very nature of reality. Weird? You Bet. Awesome? You know it.

Anyhoo, for more info and to reserve tickets, go to Come on out and support some worthy artists!
Thursday, March 24, 2005

Oscar Romero, 1917-1980 Posted by Hello
  Remember, now more than ever
Today marks the 25th anniversiary of the assasination of El Salvadorean Archbishop Oscar Romero by US-backed death squads. His crime? Being a tireless defender of El Salvador's poor and oppressed.

Remembering his death is particularly important today, when the Pentagon is reportedly considering returning to the "El Salvadoran" option to deal with the insurgency in Iraq.

Memo to the world: Murder is murder. How many men like Romero need to die before we understand this simple fact? The United States government needs to held accountable for its crimes, past and present.

Read more about Oscar Romero.
Thursday, March 17, 2005

Paul Wolfowitz: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Posted by Hello
  Wolfowitz for World Bank?
Apparently, George W. Bush has decided Paul Wolfowitz will make a good head of the World Bank.

Allow me to respond to this in a thoughful and incisive manner:


Thank you for your time. Read more here.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

...Mt. Kilamanjor now. That's one big, bad environmental portent. Posted by Hello

Mt. Kilimanjaro before... Posted by Hello
  Scared Yet? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
I don't know about you, but the continued denial of global warming is starting to look a lot like stupid-talk to me.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest peak, has been stripped of its ice-cap for the first time in 11,000 years. This sort of thing is difficult to ignore, even for corporate greed-head types. Talk your way out of this one, dummy.

Can somebody show some leadership and stop climate change? Or do things have to go really crazy before some action is taken?

Thursday, March 10, 2005
  Would you Rather?
As Dan Rather hands over the reigns of the CBS Evening News, I'd like to say a few words in his defense.

Yes, the man made a mistake. But that one, overzealous era does not compare to a truly exceptional career in journalism. I mean, the guy helped evacuate wounded soldiers in Vietnam. And reported on it at the same time. I'd like to see Bill O'Crazy do that.

Let's give the man some kudos. Let's roll out some fanfare. One failure aside, he's brought the world to us with integrity and intelligence.
Tuesday, March 08, 2005
  Back From the Valley of the Shadow of Death
Wondering where Nunc Scio has been lately?

Well, the following events occurred which made blogging impossible:

1) I contracted the plague, which both writing and living exceedingly difficult for a week.
2) The aforementioned plague put me grievously behind on my work, so I had to work like a maniac to preserve my 'employed' status.
3) I had to go to a conference all weekend.

All in all, a bad stretch for blogging. Hopefully, all the pithy insight you've come to demand from this humble site will be flowing again soon. Or something like that anyway.
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