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Thursday, November 03, 2005
  A 'Bipolar' Bear Selling Energy Efficiency? I love it.
A big Nunc Scio tip o' the hat to the National Resource Defense Council for coming up with a weird, but strangely compelling
anti-global warming spot.

As I sit in a 20 degree November in London, and as the Gulf Coast battens down to the prospect or reaching Hurricance Zulu, I can't help but think perhaps its time we stopped screwing around and got to work on climate change. Seriously. Yes, Tony Blair, economic development is important....but if the ice caps melt, your third way won't lead you out you bathroom.
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  "Wha...? Rule 21?" say Republicans
This rates fairly high on the Ninja meter.

The Senate Democrats invoked a dusty provision called "Rule 21", which forces the house into a closed session. The Dems used this opportunity to accuse the Republicans of colluding with the President to manufacture the Iraq war, and force the creation of bi-partisan committee to investigate intelligence abuses.

The Republicans were not impressed. Bill Frist whined a bit about having his authority flouted, but to little effect. In the end, this bit of procedural legerdemain won the day.

New life to the demoncrats? Hope for the future? Rule 21 for president!
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