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Thursday, July 27, 2006
  Summer Wish List #1
A Prime Minister with a god-damn backbone

Nice, Stephen. Blame the dead UN Peacekeepers for 'putting themselves in harm's way'. We wouldn't want to say anything bad about our buddies in Israel. No, because the Unky George might get mad and not want to play anymore.

Mr. Harper, you should be ashamed.
Funny thing is, he just this month changed his five priorities to include "strengthening our country at home and around the world." Obviously he can check that one off the list.
I have a serious question - I'm not just getting at you.

Under your "wish", is there anything the GoC would be allowed to agree with the United States on without being deemed to be kowtowing?

I am concerned that while Bush is often wrong, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Fair question for sure, Mark. I'm sure there are many things the GoC could agree with Uncle Sam on a lot of things that wouldn't draw my ire. But the Lebanon stuff is bordering on farce.

All geopolitics aside, we're talking about Canadian citizens here, and most recently, one who was participating in a neutral, international mission. You know, the kind where everything is painted white with big, black 'UN' signs on everything. I am extremely dubious that Israel could have shelled their observation post for four hours, in the face of UN protestations and numerous attempts to get a cease-fire, before finally wasting it with a 500lbs. JDAM bomb. This is either a case of total Israeli incompetence, indifference, or in the worst case, a deliberate attempt to destroy a UN facility (which then begs the question: what did the observers observe that made them a target?). This deserves more than an expression of 'regret'. It demands an apology and a goddamn explanation. Harper's duty first duty is to Canadian citizens, first, foremost and forever. By saying 'let's get all the info', and blaming the UN for putting its people in harm's way (supervising a truce that Canada and the West seems to have totally forgotten), Harper effectively abrogated his duties as PM. And, he made me extremely angry. I just wish to god this country could get a leader that wasn't a) at the helm of a corrupt party, or b) a neutered ideologue too happy to be playing with the cool kids to stick up for their people. Just saying.
Well said Nunc Scio. I remember feeling the same way when I read that China summoned Israel's ambassador to Beijing to demand an apology.

China's really a whole other issue altogether but at least when someone kills their citizens they don't meekly roll over.

I could be wrong but didn't the US apologize to Canada almost immediately after the friendly fire bombing? I think they investigated and the pilot was found guilty of negligence (or something like that). But we sure haven't seen Israel come out with the 'I'm sorry we'll find out what went wrong' card...
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