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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
  The Return of Nunc Scio
Well friends, its been a heckuva 6 weeks. But I'm happy to report that after six exams, an unconscionable amount of alcohol, an epic luggage battle with Air Canada ("Sir, you can't put that suitcase on the plane". "Why Not"? "It will crash, and you will die". "Oh".) and one international move later, I have returned to the land of my birth ready to once more battle the forces of darkness (Stephen Harper), ignorance (the Conservtive Party) and general lameness (the conservative movement in general. See also: top 40 radio). I might also play some frisbee. We'll see how I feel.

Look for some interesting projects in the next few months, including a re-designed Nunc Scio and a new podcast in partnership with The Floater Blog. Good times.
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