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Friday, July 07, 2006
  On the Road with the Bush and Harper

Or is it the Bush Experience Featuring Stephen Harper? I never know.

Anyone holding on to the notion that Harper is anything but a Bush Style neo-con should take a hard look at yesterday's whirlwind love-in at the Oval Office. Bush was downright giddy, fawning over his buddy 'Steve' (does anyone else call him that? Harper is so stiff, it looks like anything less than 'Stephen' would give him an apoplexy). I guess Bush knows a kindred spirit when he sees one.

Still, its always nice to see a new celebrity couple on the scene. Brangelina and Tomkat were getting so tired. What shall we call the newbies? Busharper? Harpush? Hush? So many options. How about "bad news"?
Oh, I'm so proud of our Prime Minister! Standing up to Bush like that and taking no guff, all in a chummy way! Oh, why don't we give him a majority government!! That way he can really f*** us up! Please! Everyone now, vote Harper!
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