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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
  Global Warming: Now Killing Oceans!
That's it. We're screwed

I'd like to thank the following for denying global warming and ensuring my kids live in an arid, barren wasteland:

1. George W. Bush
2. Stephen "Me A Conservative" Harper
3. Big oil and gas
4. Human greed and ignorance, which after 30,000 years of near misses, seems finally posed to wipe us all out.

Decorative floral arrangements are on their way.
The world is ending, the world is ending, get a grip buddy.

Take your tin foil hat off man
Listen, I wear a tin foil hat for both function and fashion. And it has little to do with catastrophic climate change. I think you're mixing your metaphors there, Nero. 'Tin Foil Hat' tends to be worn by those who fear government brain-wave scanning or alien mind control. Climate changers tend to accessorize with documented scientific fact, an increasing body of real world evidence (see: increased hurricanes, unprecedented glacial melting, pine beetles, etc. ad astra). Oh, and it's aluminum foil, not tin. They haven't used tin for like 30 years.
You forgot to thank the Liberal Party of Canada. Isn't it worse to know something exists and do nothing about it? Canada's emission rates have risen 24% since the Liberals signed us up for Kyoto. That's 44% more than they should have gone up. Unfortunately all their talking is just hot air, and from what I hear, hot air doesn't stop climate change.
In fact, hot air could significantly accelerate climate change, especially when Paul Martin was doing the talking.

Thanks for pointing out the oversight. I probably should have said something like, "every federal government since 1986".
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