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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
  'Abject' or 'Total'?
All that's left to decide about Bush's foreign policy is what adjective to put in front of 'failure'.

Seriously. I think everyone can now safely recognize the uncanny ability of the Republican's policies to achieve the exact opposite of their stated goals. Remember how, after changing the line from "Find the WMDs!" to "Let's bring democracy to the middle east and forget we ever said anything about WMDs", they were all real keen on their success? Well, let's review. The LA Times is reporting today that in Iraq, Civil War is "all but declared". Meanwhile, Lebanon, whose 'Cedar Revolution' was once the pride of neo-con FP is now being pummelled by America's closest ally, Israel. Awesome, guys. Cigars and high-fives all around.

Open your eyes, America. Your leaders are clowns.
clowns are part of a nobel profession that set out to achieve a goal (laughter) and acomplish it. How dare you impugn their good name.

Perhaps foreign policy dolts may be a more sensitive term.
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