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Friday, May 19, 2006
  Harper Tries to Curse Ignatieff: Liberals Fear His Dark Magic
You might thing the most important thing that happened during the vote to extend the Afghanistan mission was, well, the vote to extend the mission in Afghanistan.

According to Macleans, you're wrong.

The real fireworks started shortly after when Harper crossed the floor, picked his way through the Liberal benches, and shook Michael Ignatieff's hand. A nice little, "thanks for the support, Mikey"? Not hardly. Harper is actually giving his skills as a political witch doctor a run for their money. Shake the hand of the pro-war, pro-American, and Liberals run screaming in horror. Or so the theory goes.

I'm not sure if Harper's motivation was as sinister as Macleans suggests. But if it was, I offer two observations:

1. Stephen, you're not magic. Stop trying to influence a rival party's leadership campaign. Or, at least do it in a bit more subtle way.

2. If this was a ploy, it may actually benefit Ignatieff. Did Harper shake the hand of any of the four other leadership hopefuls that voted with the Conservatives? No? Hmmm. I wonder who the CPC is most worried about.

3. Hilarious that S-Harp's Parliament Hill nickname is "Shrub". You know, as in "little Bush".
Actually, Shrub is big Bush's (George W.) Texas nickname.
Well, nobody ever said Parliament hill staffers were creative.
Harper should have muzzled his MP's and all of his supporters ten years ago. He's out of smoke and the backing's come off the mirrors.
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