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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
  Dolphins have names?
According to The National Academy of Sciences, they do. Today dolphins join man as the only other species known to recognize aural identity information. Of course, their 'names' are actually long, complex whistles, but that's still pretty sweet.

Which raises once more the age-old question: Man v. Dolphin- Who Will Triumph? If at some point they manage to develop firearms, I think its safe to say we're screwed. But, in our defense, we do wear clothes. Lousy decadent dolphins. Swimming around naked.
Dogs and cats recognize their names and dogs have word recgonition of a three year old. Of course cats have the advantage of greater word recgonition; like that of German philosophers.
We have dolphins beat. No matter how powerful they might become, we can survive in the sea and on land.
Eugene...I think the difference here is that cats and dogs only understand words in reference to their human compatriots, while dolphins actually call each other by name. You also seem to making a case for the intelligence of cats, or the stupidity of German Philosopher. I'm sure which.

Jason...well, you may have a point. But dolphins can survive on land, they just got all dried out. Just if we were to spend too much time in water, we'd get all pruney. At best, I'd say this is a draw.
As for dolphins growing arms, no I mean developing firearms well don't be so naive they already are being trained by the US navy to apply explosives and mines to ships etc.
See this site. And lets not forget that not only do they communicate their names but they learn and pass on that learning. So when four of the US navy dolphins escaped during Katrina they are now out there in the ocean training their comrades. Soon we should be seeing the Dolphin Liberation Front chirping out its demands.
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