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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
  Milosevic Kills Thousands, Possibly Self
Well, no surprises here...

In the NYT today, forensic toxicologist Dr. Donald Uges claims ol'Slobadan was deliberately taking antibiotics that interfered with his blood pressure.

Apparently, he was looking to use his health as an excuse to seek medical attention in Moscow, spend some time with his family and weasel out of jail. It now appears this little stratagem may have contributed to his death.


If this is true, its some small comfort to everyone who felt the universe just cheated them out of justice against a homicidal monster. Milosevic built a spectacularly successful career on screwing people over. Fitting, then, that the last person he screwed was himself.
Too right Mr. Scio. I thought I heard something about his son claiming he was murdered... he shouldn't be complaining too much, that was probably the best he was going to get.

On another note, I heard they stopped publicizing his trial because from the outset his defence was that the US had knowledge of his endeavors and had provided him with his assistance before he went nutso... as soon as he started saying that we stopped hearing what was going on in the trial...

Clearly that's all conspiracy theory hearsay... but if the shoe fits!
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