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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Mike Wallace to Retire

It will be a nice change of pace to celebrate the career of a venerated CBS newsman without being roasted by hysterical right-wingers.

Mike Wallace has announced that he plans to retire at the end of this season of 60 Minutes.

I don't need to dwell much on his amazing 43 year career- the quality of his work speaks for itself. But I'm left to wonder...with so many veteran journalists retiring/passing away/being railroaded out of their jobs, who'll pick up the slack? Who will fill the void?

So there's the question, readers. Feel free to leave your picks for "The Quality Journalists of Tomorrow" in the comments section.
Journalists of Tomorrow (on to you we pass the torch...or flashlight was we call it in North America):

Brit Hume
Geraldo Rivera
Tucker Carlson
Ann Coulter

Christiana Amanpour (best name category)

J. Graeme Stewart...though you should change it so it's about Jed Graeme or Steve Stewart...that sounds more objective and more journalistically apt
How about Jack Stewart? Has a kind of Kennedy-ish ring.
And that's a power posse you've assembled there...although I think Geraldo's real name is Jerry Rivers.

But it doesn't matter. Coulter will devour his soul anyway.
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