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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  Kosmix: Helping You Build Little Mental Fences
A new search engine promises to rank search results according to their political stripe- conservative, liberal, or libertarian.

Kosmix says its new 'niche' politics engine will "be great come election time....Everybody has different views, and I think it's really healthy for people to look at what the other side is saying."

Which is theory. But I wonder if Kosmix users won't just use the engine to selectively consume information that conforms to their own opinions. A tool like this seems purpose-built to allow ideologues to become even more obnoxious. Just a thought.
I don't know how popular this will be but you're definitely right about the separation. These days an 'intelligent discussion' is about as far from politics as the guantomano bay prisoners are from release. Was that funny? I hope so. Both sides are rarely given a good look.

Also, on another ironic note. I couldn't get into I am shut out once again.
I've looked at Kosmix a couple times and haven't played with it enough to see if the results are good.

However, it seems an odd mix to blend health, travel and politics.

I did like the health results, though, which is one of my big things and something that is not the focus of the current social web (I hate web2.0) applications.
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