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Monday, March 20, 2006
  I am now officially more trusted than politicians, car salesmen, girlfriend.
Leger Marketing released its Profession Barometer today...and journalists are holding steady with 49 per cent of Canadians saying they trust us. That puts the fourth estate ahead of insurance brokers, real estate agents, publicists, unionists, car salesmen and politicians (who come in at a dismal 14 per cent).

I am a bit distrubed that lawyers, including my GF, are gaining on reporters, trailing now by just one percentage point. We need another Watergate to ratchet up the ol' trust level. If only a major political leader had decieved his or her population into an illegal and immoral war. Man, that would be journalistic paydirt.

Thanks to The Skwib for the heads up on this one.
You're welcome. When I went to J-School we trailed used car salesmen by quite a bit. (Though Leger didn't have hard numbers for us then.)

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