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Monday, March 20, 2006
  Happy Anniversary, Iraq
It has been three years since the USA and Britain stormed the fertile crescent with guns blazing and JDAM bombs kind-sorta-not really hitting their targets.

To ring in this dubious milestone, Bush is determined to continue living in a blissful dreamworld where American strategy will "lead to victory". Everyone else on the ground/who has read a newspaper is slightly more pessimistic.

It is nice to see Rumsfeld get singled out for some well-deserved criticism. Quoted in the Guardian and BBC, Retired US Army Major General Paul Eaton, who was in charge of training Iraqi military forces from 2003 to 2004, said Rumsfeld has "shown himself incompetent strategically, operationally and tactically", and was "far more than anyone else, responsible for what has happened to our important mission in Iraq". He also called on Rummy to resign.

Well, duh. I would classify that as a "known known".
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