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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
  France Lays Smack Down on iPod
The French Government voted yesterday to force Apple to make iTunes song downloads work on all players. This effectively cracks Apple's effective monopoly in France, and is no doubt making Steve Jobs resort to some sort of black magic against all Gaulic legislators.

But it may not be a bad thing.

Don't get me wrong; I love my iPod like and overachieving child. But I think part of Apple's charm is that it doesn't operate like predatory Microsoft. An excellent column in Wired suggest that as Apple moves into digital content provision- not just music, but TV and movies- it may start to take on distinctly unpleasant Microsoft monopoly characteristics. Putting some cracks into Apple's dominance of downloadable content now may make for a healthier, friendlier corporation in the future. And, as a tasty peripheral benefit, I can continue to be smug about using a Mac for years...nay, come.
Props to France for this one... Apple would send cajabillions here on lobbyists before they let that happen, but hopefully it will start a trend.

I heard that Apple may just pull out of France altogether to avoid sharing their copy protection program.
I meant to say spend. I didn't have the budget for lots of post-pro this time so I missed it.
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