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Saturday, March 18, 2006
  Environmental Protection Agency's Wonderland Vacation Cut Short
I've got to hand it to the U.S. Court of Appeals- their gift for literay reference is inspired. You might think that referencing "Through the Looking Glass" is odd in a legal decision, but you have to admit its general awesomeness.

In a landmark decision, the court voted 3-0 to overturn a 'clean-air' regulation passed by the Bush Administration. Funnily enough, this regulation demonstrated the Bushies' particular gift with misnomer and unintentional irony, by allowing powerplants and industries to avoid installing expensive new pollution controls.

So, getting rid of this provision makes a lot of sense. But, just to make their point, the judges added a wry little reference to Lewis Carroll:
EPA's approach would ostensibly require that the definition of "modification" include a phrase such as "regardless of size, cost, frequency, effect," or other distinguishing characteristic. Only in a Humpty Dumpty world would Congress be required to use superfluous words while an agency could ignore an expansive word that Congress did use. We decline to adopt such a world-view.

Brilliant. One sure-fire way to keep Bush on his heels is to quote literature. "What, the liberals are using books now? Can they do that?"
Well played sir... well played indeed. [tips his hat to you]
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