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Monday, March 06, 2006
  Cheers for Syriana

I'm glad the Academy decided to throw Clooney's oil drama a bone...this is an important film, one that has a lot to say about how are thirst for oil is causing us to support, or at lest be implicit, in some pretty horrible things.

Case in point...the growing violence in the Niger Delta. Or indeed, the never-ending srewed-upness of the entire Middle East.

Even though George only got the Best Supporting Actor nod, I suspect this was Hollywood's way of saying, "Yes, you made an excellent, controversial film. Too controversial for best picture, but we'll recognize the effort". Whatever. Maybe it will get more folks out to see Syriana. In the end, that can only be good.
it was a movie about a really important topic, and i think it handled it well. that said, george certainly could have used some more help from the rest of the cast in terms of support. can you think of any one person besides clooney who really did a good job acting the material? i know this sounds strange, but damon was better in those bourne movies than he was here. and the one playing his wife? it was like wood. minus the added enjoyment that drying paint adds.

important topic. good film. average acting aside from clooney. doesn't add up to best picture.

(it'll be fun to watch the dvd version, 'cause it will likely have the extra scenes that got cut. according to the director (and he said this the day after the big award show) they ruined his movie 'cause they made him cut it.)
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