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Thursday, March 09, 2006
  Bloggers! Canadian Newspapers Need You!
Mark Hamilton has an interesting article about newspaper blogging in Canada over at Blue Plate Special. The upshot: Canadian Newspapers are lagging far behind the USA in using blogs to "to extend their storytelling, or to bring voice to their web sites" and few "have tapped into their local blogosphere to increase their coverage or spread the local conversation."

Hamilton does point out a few bright lights- Andrew Coyne, and Antonia Zerbisias, as well as the Toronto Star and the Edmonton Journal.

So, uh, all you other papers out there...looking for a blogger? I work for surprisingly cheap.
Thank God I read this twice because I actually thought you were referring to the one and only Luke, I really am educated, I swear! But I digress, your writing is very intelligent and witty. Two things that Canada needs desperately, eh?
Thanks for the kind words, Stephania...but you'd better watch out for us Canadians. We're taking over, one hockey arena at a time.
I work 'for' surprisingly cheap, too ... :-)
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