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Monday, March 27, 2006
  Blair: Whoops! Guess I shouldn't have told you I was resigning
Whatever else you think about Tony Blair, you've got to admire his ability to tenaciously cling to power like rock climber in a windstorm.

In comments made to Australian reporters, Blair indicated that his election-time promise of resigning before the end of his third term was a mistake. Apparently, he was so tired of people asking him the question he just made up an answer. Sure.

No. 10 went into full spin mode shortly thereafter, claiming that Blair has been 'cut off' by the reporter. He really meant to say "It was a mistake... to believe that the announcement would kill off the speculation as to when I would resign." Blair is said to have a firm departure date in mind, but he's the only one who knows about it.

Man, this guy must be taking a page out of Chretien's book.
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