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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
  1968 All Over Again
France is hunkering down today for a massive general strike today.

The strike, following three weeks of student violence over a new employment law, is expected to draw thousands of people to Paris' downtown.

The law makes it legal for employers to fire workers under 26 within their first two years on the job.

After last week's student violence, I can only hope today doesn't turn ugly as well. France has had more than its share of unrest in the past few months. Say nothing of the fact that when protests turn violent, its usually the image of the protestors that is hurt. The students and strikers have a legitimate grievance, but if the provoke a confrontation their message will be lost in a flurry of batons and tear gas.

I'm not sure why France is having such a hard time keeping it together these days. I think part of it is 'old Europe' is having a hard time coping with the social realities of a globalized world. In any event, let's just hope nobody gets hurt.
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