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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Food For Thought
Methinks I'm in the wrong business...

This so called Freedom Forum is so negative.

Think about it, the US military is granting journalists the opportunity to go out in a blaze of a John Ford movie...except with road side bombs.
i wonder if the numbers have something to do with who gets called a journalist.

there were likely few people during WWII who packed up a laptop and headed into the war zone thinking they could keep a small blog going until they picked up a few strings with better-known blogs. the people heading out to the war zone in the past new a bit more about what they were doing and were able to keep themselves out of trouble.

now it's different. a lot more people are trying their hand at journalism. basically, the digital age means that the tools of journalism, like cameras and MD recorders and printing press-esque machines that allow one to reach a large audience (computer and an internet connection), are a lot easier to get and use.

here's the problem, though. new technology does not mean that the trade of journalism is less difficult to practice. it just means that the tools are easier to get.

i don't think my theory explains each and every death during the war, but it might explain the larger number of deaths overall.

i imagine others might have a different theory, one that involves the Americans targeting journalists. didn't george bush tell tony blair there was a certain television network he wanted to bomb? but in the end, put yourself in their shoes and answer this question: do i really want to shoot someone as they're giving me a nice long blow job?
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