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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
  Attack of the Killer Dolphins!
This has to be the most bizarre thing to come out of the Katrina fiasco.

The Observer is reporting that some 36 specially-trained, toxic-dart armed dolphins may have escaped from a secret US Navy training facility. The dolphins, intended to protect American ships from spies and suicide bombers, are now loose in the Gulf of Mexico.

Apparently, each of these dolphins are armed with sleep-inducing dart guns, designed to render an assailant unconscious and ready for interrogation. They are trained to shoot these darts at, well, just about anything wearing a wetsuit. Which is great, if you're out to stop a nautical suicide bomber. Not so good if you're a hapless Florida windsurfer doomed to drift out to sea because of a vengeful cetacean. Of course, the Navy has refused to confirm or deny the rumours of rogue dolphins patrolling the ocean.

I guess its true what they say...truth really is stranger than fiction.
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