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Monday, August 15, 2005
  You Locked Out My Morning
I wandered out of my bedroom this morning, bleary-eyed and hungry. Hungry for granola, and hungry for news. What had become of my world during my slumber? What issues and events would dominate my day? What would a Canadian curling star have to say about the weather in Chibougamau? So many questions.

So, as I always do, I switched on CBC Newsworld, eager for some approximation of enlightenment. Instead, I was greeted with a re-run of "Hot Type" with Evan Solomon. Although I found his interview with Tom Wolfe to be mildly interesting, it failed to provide any context on the Gaza Withdrawal or Toronto's latest gun-related homicide (sidebar: gun-related? More like gun-caused, unless the gun was somehow a spectator or told someone to commit a crime. Seems 'gun-related' ignores a pretty specific causal relationship between a firearm and getting shot).

I was confused. Where was my CBC? Why was some unrecognizable reading the top-of-the-hour news in a darkened studio? Where did I leave my pants?

And then I remembered. Ma Corp has locked out its employees. I am left with CBC News, Ghetto-style.

Please, CBC admin and Canada Media Guild: don't force me to watch CTV. Get a new contract, and come back to work. I miss my news.
I think there are 2 underlying problems here:

1) reporters are unionized. When did that happen? Journalists should have all the same rights as migrant mushroom pickers. Fair is fair

2) your standards are WAY to high. News should be about entertainment...not facts...something that keeps CBC's ratings down.

You should find yourself a cinderblock wall and hit your head against it repeatedly...then you can enjoy the enlightenment of CTV, CNN, Global or Fox (well maybe not Fox even with mild brain damage).
Migrant Mushroom Pickers? Aren't you being a tad generous?
Very true...migrant mushroom pickers work very hard. Perhaps we can agree that journalists should be treated more like Ontario Welfare Receipiants circa 1996.

Do you think they are looking for scabs? I'd sign up....always wanted to do the signoff. "Christopher Bittle [short pause] CBC News [longer more dramatic pause] Ottawa"
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