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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
  ROBERTSON TO CHAVEZ: Momma Was Misinterpreted When She Said Knock You Out
Predictably, Pat Robertson is retracting his statement calling for the assasination of Hugo Chavez. Good for you, Pat. You're learned the location of another of life's little 'uncrossable lines'. Equating feminists with witches and child murderers, bad. Inciting murder, also bad.

To be fair, I think ol' Patty was misinterpreted when he said american special forces should 'take out' Chavez. He probably meant they should take him out and show him a good time. I hear Caracas has some lovely restaurants, and poor Hugo doesn't get out much. Plus, if a detachment of Navy Seals starts dating Chavez, it could do wonders for US/Venezuelan relations.

Yes, once again, a bat-shazbot crazy TV evangelist with little connection to reality has shown us the way. Thank you, Pat Robertson, for being you.
What is this change of heart? Non-violence never solved anything.
is robertson really that out of touch with reality?

the democratically-elected leader of iran prior to the shaw? killed by americans.

allende? killed by americans.

what about america's uber-client state israel and its targeted killings only a few years ago?

cnn and the rest of the smug media can call this guy out as a nutjob and whatnot, but all they're doing is showing their own failure to actually inform the public. if media did its job, people would not laugh at robertson, they would hang a collective head in shame, knowing that their government had targeted people before and likely still does. instead, everyone acts like what this guy said is really shocking.

it's only shocking if you're american and don't know anything about american history.

and is it such a bad idea to kill one instead of millions? what roberston suggests is a new way to accomplish america's goals. forget about changing american goals, because those will not change. the american way of life requires the rest of the world suffer. but maybe he has a point. maybe it's better to kill one person instead of starving a country's children for a decade and then bombing it and then going in and getting the oil. wouldn't it be better to kill one guy and then get the oil?
The problem with your theory is that it is never just one person killed. Allende is case in point. Franz Ferdinand (not the band), Ngo Dihn Diem, Patrice Lumumba to name a few more.

Assassinations plunge countries into chaos. Look at the assination of Martin Luther King, which led to riots.

Perhaps the killing of one individual might save American lives but despite what many American believe to the contrary, American lives are not more important than those in other nations
Perhaps I should 'reality' I meant the general objective truths by which the majority of the world lives, not the mythology-drenched, willfully blind, hypocritical reality adhered to by many Americans. Robertson exemplifies the latter, but becomes confused and incontinent when encountering the former.

you're right. killing one guy is many times a fast way of making sure that a lot of others get killed.

and you're right that americans feel that american lives are worth more than the lives of others.

but that way of thinking is not exclusively american. most countries consider the lives of their citizens to be more important than those of others. that's why countries never really bring in so many refugees that it lowers the standard of living for the people already there, for example.

perhaps the difference with the americans is one of degree, but not kind.


you string adjectives like a mother f*cker, dude.
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