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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
A US Federal judge has jailed journalist Judith Miller for failing to reveal her confidential sources to a grand jury investigating the leak of CIA operative Valeria Plame's identity.

Since communication between journalists and sources is not privileged, Miller is indisputably in contempt of court. Nevertheless, Miller is to be commended for this bold ethical stand. Confidential sources are the lynchpin of investigative journalism, and without them this vital democratic work could not continue. I urge the US Congree to pass shield legislation to protect journalists, and of course to free a woman who is guilty of nothing but having the courage of her convictions.
very good in theory, however, I don't think she should be able to commit treason then hide behind the veil of confedentiality of sources.

She needlessly risked the life of a woman who was only serving her country.
She needlessly risked the life of a woman who was only serving her country.

Chris, Ms. Miller received information (about Valerie Plame), but never wrote anything. Robert Novak however, did reveal Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative - and yet he walks free. Today's New York Times printed that "Mr. Novak - who early on expressed the opinion that no journalists who bowed to court pressure to betray sources could hold up their heads in Washington - has offered no public support to the colleague who is going to jail while he remains at liberty."

Very fishy.
I agree that Novak should be in jail but Plame can't use the free press to cover up a very serious crime. Someone in a high level position outed a CIA agent and she is obstructing justice by not revealing her source. It becomes difficult to shield yourslef behind the constitution when you are coming up crimes against the Government.

I agree that sources should be protected when there is a benefit to soceity or the public's right to know is at a whistle blower. However, there must be limits to this and I think treason is an acceptable limit. Even the most protected form of privilage in the judical system (lawyer-client) has limits.

That being said I agree with you about Robert Novak..treason season is in full swing, and everyone involved should be in jail on contempt...especially Robert Novak.
Were you aware that while Novak was pimping the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth smear campaign against John Kerry, that his son was actually the paid publicist for the group?
her being in jail only goes to show that justice in america works slowly, not in a straight line, and not very well. should she be punished? sure, but it should be for all the crap she got onto the front page of the times related to the reasons for attacking iraq. this woman is a shill, and all she's doing now is acting like a good shill, defending those in power who feed her the "exclusives," so the crap she prints is one day ahead of everyone else's crap.

after a very short time in jail, judy will be hitting the lecture tour, which will give her a chance to try out the sample chapters for the book that is sure to be published and then mentioned during the introduction speech at some university where she'll be made a professor in the school of journalism.

seriously. the woman had a "WMD" key installed on her keyboard. but her work goes back a long way; if you're interested, i suggest "covering islam" by edward said for the full, ugly picture.

the issue that that fake journalist finds herself in IS real. it's too bad that a person who should be laughed out of town gets to grandstand.
Thanks Jonathan...great comment. I'm afraid I didn't know all the backstory. Like you say, this is an important issue. I just wish I'd chosen a better posterchild.
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