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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  A Fitting Farewell

Hunter S. Thompson's Ashes will be blown out of a cannon of his own design atop a tower on his sprawling Aspen ranch.

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Thompson's work will immediately recognize the appropriateness of this memorial. Although the ceremony is closed to the public, Thompson's widow, Anita, has indicated there will be a public remembrance at a later date.

A special nod to Johnny Depp, who played Thompson in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". He hired a prominent LA event planner to ensure Hunter is sent off in true gonzo style.

Read more at USA Today. And thanks to Kathe for the link.
the man's life provides us with a list of things we must do in order to claim to be human.

1) question those who would put themselves above you.

2) write with passion and intelligence, both of which tend to be worthless alone.

3) live crazy, because it's a lot better than getting by just being dumb.


4) be very careful of what you jokingly say to friends when the topic of funerals comes up after a few too many drinks.
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