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Thursday, June 16, 2005
  What The CPC Wants
There's been a lot of speculation on the Tory agenda over the last few months, with conclusions ranging from massive pro-business reforms to a fundamentalist Christian social crusade.

Both of these are incorrect. The answer is simple- all the Tories want is power.

While the tax cuts and anti-gay marriage hysteria are worrisome, they're just symptoms of the same political disease. The inner-cadre of Conservatives are so desperate to form government, they will hitch up to any cause- no matter how regressive or medieval- if it will garner them votes. We've all seen the same phenomenon at work in the Republican Party. I suspect the GOP masterminds aren't particularly religious, but rather view the religious right as a convenient means to a political end. As it turns out, it is easy to motivate these folks. Fundamentalist Christians are so desperately afraid of God, they'll do anything, even *gasp* vote, if it will get them into heaven.

And good luck with that.

Its basically the same mouthful of moutwash swishing to the other cheek here in Canada. The only problem is that there aren't as many fundamentalist Christians up north. That, coupled with an apparent lack of anything even remotely resembling 'skill' or 'strategy' or 'basic human appeal' on the part of the CPC leadership means the conservative drive for power in Canada is doomed to remain quixotic.

The CPC is not unique in this power drive. Since our democracy is polyarchic, various elite groups build coalitions, then shop potentially popular policies to the public to get elected. In other words, they're all after power, and will cobble together a 'vision' to ensure they get it. The Liberals are very good at this. The Conservatives are a train wreck.
Seems like the CPC is trying to woo a crowd that just isn't there in Canada.
Do you blame the CPC for its impatience for a taste of power? They have been out for so long no wonder they are starting to smell a little desparate.
Harper has spent the last few months standing on street corners screaming 'CORRUPTION!' hoping someone listens to him and furthermore gives a shit. So far, nobody has and with the incompetency they're showing over the SSM delay, budget filibusters etc it's hard to imagine them going anywhere but down.
how silly to expect anyone to "give a shit" about a corrupt government and millions of wasted tax dollars. it's morons like you who are absolutey destroying this country.
I'll admit Harper is definitely incompetent but how you idiots can actually support this liberal government full of inept power-hungry fools is beyond me.
Well, if you actually READ my post, billy_555, you'll note I'm not supporting the Liberals. I'm just saying that particular party, corruption and all, is extremely talented at holding on to power. I think you also misunderstood evil left-winger, but I will let that individual respond to your angry and incoherent attack personally.
my apologies're absolutely right.
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