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Monday, June 20, 2005
  Ontario Cabinet Shuffle: Predictions
Premier Dalton McGuinty is almost certainly shuffling his cabinet this week. After sifting through the rumour and innuendo, here are my predictions:

Greg Sorbara: Out of the finance portfolio.

Dwight Duncan: House leader, Minster of Energy, soon-to-be finance minister.

George Smitherman: Out of health.

Sandra Pupatello: New Health Minister.

Gerard Kennedy: New Attorney-General, anyone?

Mary-Anne Chambers: After making higher education his priority, unlikely McGuinty will move her.

Thoughts and comments welcome.
who cares as long as none of these liberal morons are around in 2007
OK, so I was totally and thoroughly wrong. I now resign from the provincial political prediction game in shame and confusion.
Here is an interesting 1990 article on Greg Sorbara and how he found away around his own government's law to give his residential tenants huge rent increases when he was the Liberal labour minister.
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