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Monday, June 13, 2005

The New Face of Christian Politics in Canada: Inflammatory and with bad grammar. Rev. Tristan Emmanuel (not his real name) pictured in today's Globe. P.S. He's waiting for something called the 'Great Rescue'.  Posted by Hello
Evangelical and Political Christians are slowly infiltrating Canadian politics. Men and Women like Tristan Emmanuel are beating the war drum and pushing the Conservative party further and further toward the Christian Right.

I have no issue with anyone with religious (be it Muslim, Sikh, Christian or anything else) conviction becoming an MP or even Prime Minister but you must respect that government is a secular state. Single issue candidates need not apply.

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I think you represent exactly the sentiment of most of the Canadian public in your comment, halden. It seems the conservatives have taken a huge tumble, and part of that is certainly due to single-issue candidates capturing ridings in the Tories. Of course it doesn't tell the entirety of why the conservatives have fallen.
Good call, halden. But I think I draw a line between 'religious beliefs' and 'fundamentalist religious beliefs'. I do quarrel with individuals who hold the latter, simply because their world view is completely at odds with the modern world. A lot of these folks are travelling the road to theocracy, and I can't behind that in public life.
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