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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
  Microsoft: Putting a Boot Into Human Faces Since 1975
Last week, I posted about the Chinese plan to censor blogs. A disturbing propisition, to be sure. Mind you, controlling the internet is a difficult thing to do...unless Microsoft has got your back.

Thanks to a new software module designed specfically for China by the computer giant, Chinese folks will be unable to use words like "freedom", "democracy", and "human rights" in their online posts. Said Microsoft Spokesman Adam Sohn:

"Even with the filters, we're helping millions of people communicate, share stories, share photographs and build relationships. For us, that is the key point here."

Great. Well, as long as people are able to post pictures of their Bichon Frise and ramble on about how drunk they were last night, I guess no one will care if the can't TALK ABOUT ANYTHING THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS. Read more about Microsoft's involvement in The Guardian.

This is no surprise coming from China, who already employs something like 30,000 Internet Police. And I guess I'm not surprised by Microsoft's involvement either...of course, if I were a suspicious man, I would be somewhat piqued by the apparent contradiction between the company's actions and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's avowed goal of promoting education and access to information around the world. If I were a suspicious man.

I'm just glad I use a Mac.
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