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Friday, May 13, 2005
  The Utility of Interpretations
So, this is kinda old news, but bear with me.

Ipsos-Reid released a detailed interpretation of the latest polling numbers. Interesting findings include:

-Tories and Liberals are tied nearly at 31 and 32 per cent respectively.
-In Ontario, the Liberals still enjoy a commanding 11 per cent lead.

Now, I'm sure no one paying attention will be overly surprised by these numbers. What I find irksome is the response by conservatives, notably and Adam Daifallah.

"Dear God, Ontario!" They plaintively cry, "Why do you tolerate such Liberal corruption?"

Indeed, a valid question. But the answer becomes clear when you actually complete the thought. Why do we tolerate Liberal corruption? Because the alternative is so much worse.

In short, we're presented with a Hobson's choice...Do I vote for the Liberals who illicitly distributed taxpayer money for their own benefit, or the neo/theocon alliance whose selfish, gay-marriage blocking, idiotic fiscal policy-making, environmental protection rejecting, lead-by-an-accountant-with-an-eight-dollar-haircut political trainwreck? The choice is really no choice at all.

Get rid of Harper. Get progressive. Let's see some good policy on actual issues. Then, Conservative Party, maybe Ontario and you can have a talk.
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