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Friday, May 27, 2005
  No Earthly Purpose
You said it, not me.

The only thing controversial about saying the Conservatives have a hidden social agenda is the word 'hidden'. Seems to me their religious-based intolerancen is pretty much out there for everyone to poke at.

Particularly evocative of this theocon tendency in the CP is a story in Today's Globe and Mail. Looks like evangelical Christians are taking more and more Tory riding nominations. I particularly enjoyed the quote from the Presbyterian Minister:

"It's time we stopped apologizing and started defending who we are," he said. "The evangelical community in Canada, by and large, and socially conservative Catholics, are saying we have been far too heavenly minded and thus we have been of no earthly value for far too long, on too many fronts."

Yeah, I'd agree with that. And now, their earthly value will be solely linked to denying people equality rights. I liked you better when you were focused on the afterlife.

My apologies for being a tad off-topic here.. but I'm just doing a "Progressive Blogs world-tour" of our members to see how each of there blogs looks.

I'm curious that I havent seen any of your blog postings crossposted to our main site.. have you got that feature turned on or just havent chosen to do so?

We always like to have as many of our blog members posting stuff to our site as possible.. gives it more variety and hopefully lets more people know about our individual (and smaller) blogs.;; So I hope to see some stuff from you at our site soon.

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