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Thursday, May 19, 2005
  Jack for PM?
Maybe Canadians are ready for a change after all...

New poll numbers in the Toronto Star show that Jack Layton is the most trusted politician in the country. I guess patriarchs of crumbling empires and conniving weasels don't really capture the public imagination anymore.

Support for Layton is now at 36 per cent (compared to 30 per cent for Martin and 26 per cent for Harper)...NDP support is static at 19 per cent, but the party is 2nd choice for 28 per cent of Canadians- much more than any other party. All this puts ye olde New Democrats in the best position they've enjoyed since the 1980's.

This minority parliament could turn out to be a good thing (so long as we avoid a Conservative Gov't). It is shaking things up, and creating opportunities nobody could have predicted.
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