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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
  Into the Hornet's Nest
Not Surprisingly, Conservatives have worked themselves into a right lather over Belinda Stronach's decision to cross the floor, and understandably so. Reactions range from quiet disappointment to seething fury. However, the best so far has to be former Ontario Tory Cabinet minister Bob Runciman, who called Stronach a 'Dipstick' on CFRB.

This begs two questions:

1) Are you five?
2) Is it 1957?

Seriously Bob. Dipstick? If you're going to be childish, you might as well be contemporary.

Also, interesting how the Conservatives are playing the whole, "Poor Peter McKay" angle. He's a big boy...he'll be all right. And like I always say, don't date co-workers.
I guess's 1957. Conservative party policies are often based on the ideals of Ward and June Clever, which never actually existed
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