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Monday, May 09, 2005
  Don't Panic. We're in Good Hands.
You know, for a while there I was worried. As our parliamentary system gradually descended into a four-way, southern-style roundhouse brouhaha for ultimate political control, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute...who's minding the store?" As the government fought for survival and the official opposition sought to exploit the situation to foist some bizarro neo/theocon agenda on an otherwise distinterested population, who was looking out for Canada? Who was making sure good decisions were made, and sound policies implemented? Good god, were we lost in a kind of political nowhereville?

Then I realized I was being crazy. Like all good pressing public issues, health care, post-secondary education, the environment and a de-stabilizing global order ceased to be problems once the major parties got into a spat. They'll wait their turn. People aren't getting sick. Universities won't continue to decline. Our abuse of our natural resources just stopped. And all those wars and horrible human tragedies overseas? They've gone into haitus pending the resolution of our legislative paralysis.

P.S. We're in deep trouble.
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