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Monday, April 11, 2005
I love stories which simulataneously exposes the panicky neuroses of American law enforcement and the expansive idiocy of Fox News.

They're running this story about a few Capitol Hill police officers 'taking down' a man who (gasp) was standing between two suitcases. Apparently, he refused to obey directions to step away from his bags, and got a tackle-full of cop in return. Oh, and he had his back to the officers when he was hit.

But look at the photo above. What does he look like to you? A Terrorist planning the destruction of the Capitol Building, or a tourist from a non-english speaking nation standing with his luggage and admiring the architecture? I'm going to say its the latter, which might explain why he didn't respond to verbal commands from the police.

My favourite part of the story is where a few bystanders applauded "as police dragged the man away". Yes, those people are idiots.

Of course, where would Fox be without reactionary morons? Read the story here.
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