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Friday, February 11, 2005
  Torture? We Deliver.
Seems the CIA has gotten into the airline business.

But instead of ferrying happy tourists or businessmen, the CIA is shipping 'terror detainees' to third-party in the country where they are tortured. This torture-by-proxy allows the American government to benefit from the brutal abrogation of human rights without getting their hands dirty.

When did we become savages again? Or did we ever stop? Are we so blinded by fear that we'll join terrorists in the ranks of inhumanity?

The torture airline revelations are contained in a story published in The Independent. You sure as hell won't be able to read about it here.
i know i shouldn't do this on a blog (link, link, link!), but i read something somewhere by this guy who was actually questioned by the americans back when he was a captured japanese pilot during the Second World War. basically, he and the other pilots were really surprised by how nicely they were treated and how well the americans spoke japanese. under those conditons, according to him, it was difficult not to talk. he also guessed that torture would not have worked on them, because it would have confirmed everything bad they had been told about the enemy and just made them hate the americans more.
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