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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
  This is getting old.
Is it me, or do the same-sex marriage opponents get dumber with every passing day?

The National Post leads today with their new crackerjack poll claiming that 66 per cent of Canadians oppose same-sex marriage. Even if we assume this is accurate (See: volumes of scholarly work about how polls are deeply flawed), people have to realize that at the end of the day, WHAT THEY THINK DOESN'T MATTER. This is a rights issue. Even if you think gay marriage will cause the Earth to spin of its axis and people to marry their pets/siblings/multiple spouses, so long as you believe in this pesky thing known as THE RULE OF LAW, you have to accept it. The same thing that protects your right to free expression allowss gay people get hitched.

Kudos to The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson for correctly identfying the cynical tactics of the Conservative Party and religious-right groups like the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The Conservatives are simply trying to divide the Liberal Party (and thus decrease their appeal) while simultaneously presenting Stephen Harper (you know, the accounting geek with an $8 haricut) as 'strong leader'. For their part, the EFC and Co. are trying to show they can flex the same political muscles as their lunatic counterparts in the U.S.A (See: red states). Also, instead of framing their objection to same-sex unions as "we think gay people are evil" they are spinning themselves off to be the victims. "Our religious freedom is being trampled!" they plaintively cry, which plays a lot better in the media (and with most Canandians) than "we're intolerant jerks!" This messaging is particularly annoying in light of the Supreme Court and most of Canada's legal experts finding that same-sex marriage won't affect anyone's freedom of religion. Did I say annoying? I meant to say it was a bald-faced lie.

If conservatives had the brains to match their mouths, and integrity instead of shallow political profiteering, this debate would be over.
Since your website linked me to the wrong blog (terrible...worst website EVER!) so I posted this jewel in your January section but since no one will read it I shall repost:

But Graeme,

Steven Harper and George Bush tell me that if support gay marriage, Lake Ontario will boil then turn red with blood, people will riot in the streets, dogs and cats will get along, and NHL season will most certainly be cancelled.

Furthermore, I hear that if Canada supports gay marriage, our children might catch the gay. Who will think of the children? Irwin Cotler? I think not...he was not born of a woman and had no childhood.

As well, this is all just a pretext to regulate religion. I go to law school and the government regulates nearly everything. STOP THE MADNESS!!!
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