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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
  Bill O'Reilly is an Idiot
Not breaking news, I know. But it bears repeating.

It seems he took exception to The Fifth Estate's excellent doc, "Sticks and Stones" which shined a fairly harsh light on his circus of lies, bullying and general apery. So, his patented brand of distortion, heresay and bullshit has now been levied against the CBC.

Read about how dumb his assualt is in the Toronto Star. Jackass incarnate.

If I were a young conservative (which I thank my properly-developed frontal lobe that I'm not), I'd be decrying my lack of role models right about now. Or, perhaps I'd be becoming a lying, dogmatic, bullying asshole. Actually, that last bit sounds about right.

The world is dumber for having reared Bill O'Reilly.
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