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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
  And a big hello to new and unexpected friends!
Always nice to have fans. As new visitors, you're probably a little shaky on some rules of etiquette. So, here's a quick primer:

1) If you'd like to make a comment (and I know you do), please use the link provided. Anything else is a touch passive-aggressive and a bit 3rd grade, don't you think?

2) My job is my job. I work there; they pay me. The arrangement has been mutually beneficial. But my job has not consumed my entire existence. So when I go home and post on my blog, its my own deal. Not my employer's. I would think that's pretty self-evident, but I guess some folks take a bit longer to learn.

3)Brevity is a gift. When responding to a post, please endeavour to keep the ratio of my words to your words as lose you 1:1 as possible. When you write an 800 word response to a 72 word comment (0.09:1, in case you were keeping track), I get to thinking you don't have enough to do at your respective place of employment.

4) Turnabout is fair play.

OK, that should do it. Hope you enjoy your visit!
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