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Friday, January 28, 2005
  Its the dead of winter, and romance is blooming for the cold, icy hearts of conservatives
Not bad for a Nova Scotia boy...

Even in a party increasingly dominated by a right-wing social agenda, it seems Conservative MP's are still finding ways to get it on.

Of course, its no surprise the the Conservative Party's more progressive element-- namely, Peter Mackay and Belinda Stronach-- have hooked up. Like two refugees from the 21st century seeking solace in each other's arms from a party full of medievalists, the two 'smitten' MP's recently announced their relationship. Read more in the National Post.

I wish them luck, and fear the attractive and eerily business saavy children they will spawn.
You certainly have a way with words Mr. Stewart...

Maybe they should get smitten mittens?
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