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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
  False Alarm...maybe
So it appears the grim face of censorship is not upon us.
I inquired at Chapters, and they informed me that the books of Vonnegut and Burgess and a variety of others are not banned. They are actually theft risks, and are therefore hidden behind the sales counter.
This is encouraging. Not only are these books not being banned, they are apparently in such hot demand people cannot even be bothered to pay for them.
Of course, I am not entirely convinced. All the authors are controversial...not just sensationalistically so, but with the real meat of genuine political criticism. So let's just say that I'll be watchin Chapters to see where all this goes.
Graeme - keep on writing. Your blog has been fun to read thus far... Why is your most recent post from July!?!?

Hurry up and keep typing, will ya?
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